Why Children Need Therapeutic Touch

One of the most beautiful things about having a child is being able to witness the development of a functional human being. While this process undoubtedly brings many exciting moments, it can also be arduous for both parent and child. The fundamental parts of your child’s physical body consist of muscle, bone and connective tissue, where a significant amount of nervous tissue is found.  It is the nervous tissue that transmits signals of pain and discomfort, which can be confusing to your young child. Infants and children appear to respond greatly to sensory touch as a chief form of communication, and thus, it has been proposed that touch therapy, when introduced at the early stages in life, assists in the development of the central nervous system.

As both muscle and bone grow rapidly between the time of birth and young adulthood, your child may often present with symptoms of “growing pains”. Children often wake during the night, in tears, with the sensation of sore arms and legs. Therapeutic touch and spinal adjustments may relieve the child of pain during the growth process while simultaneously improving sleep and decreasing the likelihood of night terrors.

Furthermore, as the child approaches adolescence, a therapeutic approach aids in the ability of the child to understand and communicate pain, which then promotes the child’s self-awareness.

By recognizing and increasing the vocalization of physical discomfort, the child becomes more in control of their personal body and may even become more attune and sensitive towards others, assisting in the ability of the child to cultivate positive relationships during the growth process.

Chiropractic and massage therapy, when combined, can be beneficial to a child’s growth both physically and emotionally.  For example, research has shown that touch therapy significantly decreases levels of anxiety, and as your child experiences different emotional stages in life, they may be able to process stressful situations differently.

Therapeutic touch can be as simple as introducing focused breathing exercises, progressive relaxation techniques and gentle manipulations of soft tissue and joints, all of which can bring both emotional and physical relief to both parent and child.

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Tessa Ridley, Registered Massage Therapist

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evolvevitalityWhy Children Need Therapeutic Touch