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There are many times when the clouds roll over Vancouver, threatening to rain out the weekend when we all want to be playing outside.  The question of what to do on these kinds of days had an easy answer on March 6th: head to the Healthy Family Expo at the Vancouver Convention Center!  The evolve team was thrilled to participate at the Healthy Family Expo for the second year in a row, and provide attendees insight as to what prenatal, pediatric and family care looks like from the perspective of conservative chiropractic and naturopathic medicine.

A woman’s body goes through many, rapid changes through all stages of pregnancy.  The significant alterations in hormone levels and a growing baby cause joints and muscles to be under abnormal stresses.  Most importantly, the pelvis must open to accommodate the increasing size and movement of the baby throughout pregnancy and delivery.  Even if expecting moms do not have back pain, chiropractic care can still improve the biomechanics of the pelvis and overall nerve function through adjustments.  Because the nervous system connects to all areas of the body to coordinate and control activity, optimization of both biomechanics and nerve function in the mother supports the development and delivery of a healthy, happy child.

Yes, that is always the goal, isn’t it?  A healthy, happy child who sleeps well, gets sick infrequently, who isn’t fussy or in discomfort, is without a doubt the ideal scenario for all parents be they new or seasoned Moms and Dads.  Although children are typically viewed as resilient, physical, chemical and emotional stressors contribute to interference of the nervous system and impair the innate ability of the child to heal, much like it does in adults.  A great benefit of starting chiropractic care in babies and toddlers versus in adults who show up in pain, is that the adults have years of stress compounded on their nervous system therefore it takes much longer for them to release all the stress.  In kids, the nerve stress is addressed before it compounds and therefore they typically require less frequent treatment, even as adults!  Regular chiropractic care for kids is very safe and allows them to rebound from bumps, bruises and other ailments with greater ease through all stages of development.  Of course, this also helps lower Mom and Dad’s stress!

Naturopathic medicine is also a great form of care for health-conscious families as it uses natural remedies to restore and maintain health: gentle and effective for kids and parents alike! There are many conservative interventions for common childhood conditions such as ear infections and colds, but before one can worry about their child’s health, many couples face the very emotional struggle of conceiving.  In-depth analysis of hormones coupled with supportive nutrition and modalities such as acupuncture are commonly employed in naturopathic care to move prospective parents toward a healthier, balanced state in order to optimize chances of conception.

Healthy Family ExpoThe Healthy Family Expo was an exciting atmosphere to be able to share this kind of relevant information with families alongside a diverse mix of companies and entrepreneurs who share a common vision as evolve.  There were samplings of tasty, healthful foods, obstacle courses and a rock-climbing wall to keep the kids active; the highlight of visiting the evolve booth (aside from chatting with some of the practitioners, of course) was examining a spine and entry to win a fantastic gift basket of pediatric vitamins, complimentary chiropractic consultation and allergy test!  Here’s to good health!

By Dr. Kelsey Horsting

For more information on the Healthy Family Expo, check out their website and Facebook page


evolvevitalityThe Healthy Family Expo

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