The Balance of Hormones

At some point in our lives each of us will face a health challenge. More often than we realize the delicate balance between an intricate network of chemical messengers is responsible for these challenges. These messengers – hormones – direct a range of activities in the body regulating our immunity, reproductive cycle, growth, metabolism, and mood.

The endocrine system produces and regulates the hormones in our bodies. It is an intimate, complex of glands and organs designed to respond to the needs of every system in the human body. When one of its parts becomes dysfunctional the entire equilibrium of the system is influenced to either hyper-react or hypo-react. Conditions and symptoms that span this spectrum include: abdominal weight gain, adrenal fatigue, cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, insomnia, low energy, menstrual irregularity, menopause, PMS and thyroid disorder.

The body burden from insufficient nutrition, drugs, enzyme dysfunction, stress, food allergies, environmental exposures, and stress is a major contributing factor to the balance of hormones. A number of tests are available to determine the status of the body’s hormone regularity including salivary hormone testing, which are reliable indicators of imbalance. Often the keys to regaining hormonal control involve simple daily measures to fortify certain organ systems in our body. In order to best understand what may be happening in your system, for support and a fresh perspective consult with a qualified healthcare professional like a naturopathic doctor.

Dr. Bobby Parmar, ND

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evolvevitalityThe Balance of Hormones