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Winterize Your Immune System: The Power of Probiotics to Fortify Immune Strength

by Michael Vertolli, RH The following article is excerpted from one that appeared on When clients ask me what they can do to avoid respiratory infections during the winter months, they are often surprised that the first thing I recommend is a good probiotic supplement. Probiotics have been an integral part of my protocol

The Amazing Benefits of N-A-C

by Dr. Zoltan P. Rona, MD, M.Sc The following article is excerpted from one that appeared on One of the most underestimated and under-utilized natural food supplements I have recommended to my patients over the past 35 years is an amino acid derivative known as N-A-C (N-Acetyl-Cysteine). Why underestimated? Well, even naturopaths seldom recommend

Strengthening Your Child’s Immune System

Author // Jane Sheppard The following article is excerpted from Pathways Magazine and doesn’t necessarily represent all the views of evolve Nurturing Vitality. The key to a healthy child is a strong immune system When functioning properly, the immune system fights disease producing organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. All children are continuously

Warm Water & Lemon: Why You Should Drink It at the Start of Every Day

Author // Ashley Pitman The way you start each day is incredibly important. Whether you’re a mom, a coach, a writer, a small business owner or a yoga teacher, what you do first thing in the morning matters. According to Ayurvedic philosophy, choices that you make regarding your daily routine either build up resistance to