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pregnancy and soft drinks

Soft Drinks Reduce Pregnancy Odds

The following article is from Vitality magazine. Author: Michael Downey Researchers have found that the intake of one or more sugar-sweetened beverages per day, by either partner, is associated with a decreased chance of getting pregnant. (The amount of added sugar in the American diet has increased dramatically over the last 50 years, and much

7 reasons to stay active!

The following article is from the Canadian Chiropractic Association website. Author: CCA Staff Team It’s never a bad time to keep the simple things in mind! Over the past 20 years, exercise has become an important aspect of health care. It’s no surprise that it’s important to stay active. From the perspective of your spine,

Type II Diabetes

Diabetes is growing.  It is difficult to believe that one of the most preventable diseases we know takes such a large toll on Canadians lives.  Yet armed with the knowledge to prevent diabetes, we still witness dramatic increases in both the Canadian and world population. Diabetes is characterised by a constellation of symptoms: increased thirst,