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tethered oral tissues (TOTs)

What Parents Need to Know About Tongue Ties

This article is from the Pathways to Family Wellness magazine. Author: Kimberly Rush. What is a tongue tie, lip tie, or cheek tie? (AKA: tethered oral tissues (TOTs)) A frenulum is made of connective tissue and we all have them. Restricted frenulums in the mouth can cause problems with feeding. Having frenulums is normal and

Can Chiropractic Help with Breastfeeding

Can Chiropractic Help with Breastfeeding?

The following article is from the Pathways to Family Wellness magazine. Author: Peter J. Braglia, D.C.   We all know it is important for babies to get good nutrition so that they can be healthy and strong. However, some mothers find it really difficult to breastfeed for various reasons. It is so important that mothers

Yes, Your Birth Matters

 The following article is from Pathways Magazine and doesn’t necessarily represent all the views of evolve Nurturing Vitality. Written by Laura Rupp. Disclaimer: below is my story. It’s my journey. In no way am I saying that your story is wrong or that my story is right. It’s simply mine. I encourage everyone as you

Chiropractic and the Fourth Trimester

DISCOVER CHIROPRACTIC     During pregnancy, your spine and the soft tissues of your body undergo the most rapid transformation that they will go through in your entire life. The first part of this change happens over a nine-month period, but the second part of this change (the return to previous form) happens more