Stress and the Adrenals

Burn out is far too common in our world. With it exhaustion, irritability, anxiety, insomnia, midday crashing, and stubborn abdominal weight gain are a constellation of symptoms very related and very treatable.

The tie that binds is the adrenal glands – two glands that regulate blood pressure, the mineral content of blood and the ever destructive Stress.

Conventionally the adrenals do not garner the attention they deserve. Yet Stress is the most persistent and prevalent challenge we all face. Healthful coping with perceived or unpreceived stress is therefore paramount but there are a number of other key factors that need be in place for our resiliency to be optimized: proper nutrient intake, thyroid function, enzyme function, and intestinal fortitude. The right natural therapies used to support overburdened adrenals may just likely be what you need.

Consult with a naturopathic doctor to determine what steps you need to take to restore your adrenals and your body’s coping mechanisms.

Dr. Bobby Parmar
Naturopathic Physician

evolvevitalityStress and the Adrenals

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