Soft Drinks Reduce Pregnancy Odds

The following article is from Vitality magazine. Author: Michael Downey

Researchers have found that the intake of one or more sugar-sweetened beverages per day, by either partner, is associated with a decreased chance of getting pregnant.

(The amount of added sugar in the American diet has increased dramatically over the last 50 years, and much of that increase comes from higher intake of sugar-sweetened beverages, which constitute approximately a third of the total added sugar consumption in the American diet. While consumption of these beverages has been linked to weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, early menstruation, and poor semen quality, few studies have investigated the relationship between sugary drinks and fertility. About 15 per cent of couples in North America experience infertility.)

Participants completed a comprehensive baseline survey on medical history, lifestyle factors, and diet, including their intake of sugar-sweetened beverages. Female participants then completed a follow-up questionnaire every two months for up to 12 months or until pregnancy occurred. Both female and male intake of sugar-sweetened beverages was associated with 20 per cent reduced probability of conception. Females who consumed at least one soda per day had 25 per cent lower chance of getting pregnant, and male consumption of at least one soda per day was associated with 33 per cent lower chance of getting pregnant.

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This study was posted online, ahead of publication in the journal Epidemiology. The study can be downloaded at for a fee.

evolvevitalitySoft Drinks Reduce Pregnancy Odds

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