Scoliosis is defined as a lateral deviation of the normal vertical line of the spine, which, when measured by Xray, is greater than 10 degrees.  Scoliosis can be a serious condition, however if it is detected early, the chances for stabilization and reduction of the curves are very good.

Conventional medical options include a watch and wait approach, bracing and finally surgery.  Bracing is typically the medical approach for curves between 25 to 30 degrees.   These braces exert pressure against the spine in hope of achieving stabilization, however they do not correct the curves.

Chiropractors work with the spine and look at spinal joint motion and alignment.   Curves can be stabilized and even reduced with Chiropractic care by leveling the pelvis, strengthening the psoas muscles and maintaining spinal motion in the neck.  Over 80% of patients with a scoliosis greater than 30 degrees have been shown to have a loss of a normal cervical curve as well as a reversal (kyphosis) of the curve.  Chiropractors, in addition to massage therapy and acupuncture can help restore normal functional curves in scoliotic patients.

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