May we introduce you to Wellness?

evolve is a place where many people have come to heal physical injuries and pain, yet this is only a part of the care offered at the clinic. After injuries have healed and pain no longer persists, many people continue to come in for regular chiropractic and naturopathic visits to not only maintain their health but also improve their well-being.  What is wellness?  Wellness is a state of conscious participation in all areas of your life to heal, minimize likelihood of illness or injury, and to become a healthier person in all areas.  As advocates for the wellness movement, evolve is thrilled to participate in Wellness Month at The Hive rock climbing gyms which begins on May first!

Hive health-bannerWith a predilection for athletics, Dr. Kelsey Horsting has participated in a wide range of sports throughout her life, from tennis to snowboarding, to basketball and most recently to bouldering (read: rock-climbing without the harness!).  After tearing her ACL and meniscus in her first two years playing varsity basketball at Simon Fraser University, Kelsey was thrown into learning how certain movements, lack of movement, and compensation patterns make you more susceptible to injury.  Through her own journey in returning to sport and experience as a chiropractor with athletes of all ages and specialties, Kelsey sees a need for wellness care and education across the board.

Dr. Horsting will be at The Hive Vancouver (May 11th and 26th, 5:30pm to 8:30pm) and The Hive North Shore (May 2nd and 16th, 5:30pm to 8:30pm) providing postural and functional movement screens for keen climbers.  These kinds of assessments provide relevant information especially for individuals without an injury as it indicates where movement imbalances and biases are occurring, and points to the most likely type of injury that would occur without intervention.  When considering wellness, keeping injury-free is great for the physical body and allows you to continue the activities you love thereby reducing stress and improving emotional well-being!  Every conscious choice made to incorporate self-care will bring benefits that are greater than the sum of its parts, and we are excited to contribute the The Hive’s wellness event!



evolvevitalityMay we introduce you to Wellness?

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