Maria Forleo and Brené Brown chat about Belonging, Courage & Constructive Conversations

The following is an except from the website Marie Forleo’s Blog. Full article can be found here.


Her work has already transformed the lives of millions. I believe her latest book Braving The Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging & The Courage To Stand Alone is a must read for anyone who cares about doing their part to create a more caring and just world.

We cover a lot of ground in this conversation, including:

  • Why we can’t stay silent on social issues due to fear of criticism or getting it wrong (Brené Brown has a BA, MA and PhD plus 10 years of experience and still gets nervous)
  • How to stay brave and civil while having difficult social and political conversations
  • The vital distinction between dehumanizing and rehumanizing — this is crucial for us to understand and practice if we hope to heal the polarization in our country and world
  • Why we must practice “braving” if we want to stay connected to ourselves and others
  • How shaming others you disagree with never leads to positive outcomes
  • The 5 words Maya Angelou shared that have shaped Brené’s speaking career

And so much more.


evolvevitalityMaria Forleo and Brené Brown chat about Belonging, Courage & Constructive Conversations

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