Fun Activities for the Fall Season

The following article is from the Canadian Chiropractic Association website. Author: CCA Staff Team

iStock_000029717028_LargeWhen it gets colder we tend to move our activities indoors, which in some cases can decrease our activity level. Rather than letting yourself get into a slump during the fall and winter seasons, embrace fun activities as the weather begins to cool down.

As we have mentioned before, it’s very important to maintain an active lifestyle to help prevent MSK conditions. Staying active will allow your body to manage everyday activities such as gardening or raking leaves, which require a certain level of endurance over a period of time.

There are many things you can do in the fall to maintain your active lifestyle and have fun while you do it! To help you out, we’ve come up with a few ideas to help get you moving outdoors.

A Fall Hike

Take advantage of the beautiful bright fall foliage. Check out your city or provincial website to find local walking trails for you to explore! Whether you go alone, or with a friend, hiking is a great way to stay active in the fall months and perfect for enjoying the outdoors.

iStock_000029717248_LargeA Day at the Orchard

Get your family or a few friends together and enjoy this popular fall activity. Between walking through the orchard and reaching for the perfect apple, you will enjoy some active rest to keep you moving. Enjoy the fresh crisp air and extend your visit by going for a walking tour of the orchard.

Checking Out Local Museums and Art Galleries

On the chillier days that make you want to stay indoors, try checking out a local museum. Exploring new exhibits is a nice way to get out and enjoy this season despite the shift in weather. Have some company join you to learn something new and have an adventure filled with art and history!

Daily Walks in Your Neighborhood

Since we would rather stay indoors when the weather is cold, starting a routine that encourages you to go outdoors each day can help you build-in activity in your routine and is a perfect opportunity to meet new neighbours. Waking up for a walk around your neighborhood is a great way to get an active start on your day.

Make sure to remain mindful of your activity levels during this season. Remember that staying active not only helps to prevent MSK conditions, it’s also a great energy booster that will benefit your health. Staying active is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and keeping a healthy spine.

evolvevitalityFun Activities for the Fall Season

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