Detox Season – see what our resident Dr. Bobby has to say

Detox Season

Springtime in nature is the Season of renewal, regrowth, and rejuvenation.  It is a perfect time to consider a detox to take advantage of this timing in Nature.  Detoxes come in many forms from simple and easy to more complex and extreme varieties – the point being to make a change.

A change is often necessary because we unknowingly and many times knowingly consume chemicals in processed foods and are exposed to other noxious substances like pesticides and toxins in our everyday environments.  Our bodies through our main organs of elimination (liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, and intestines) normally metabolize and defend against toxins well, but when faced with a day-to-day burden can use a little help cleaning things up.

Depending on your starting point a detox can be as simple as eliminating a food group like gluten that may take up too much space on your dinner plate to something more involved like a hypoallergenic diet or a juice cleanse with supplementary aids to support the process.  Deciding what is the right detox for you can be confusing and intimidating.  When approached intelligently and safely with the right support, a detox can transition you from not feeling your best to feeling healthy, clean, and strong usually quite rapidly.  For more information and before starting a detox consult one of your healthcare practitioners at evolve.


Dr. Bobby Parmar

evolvevitalityDetox Season – see what our resident Dr. Bobby has to say