Chiropractic Care for the Growing Spine

Chiropractic Care for the Growing Spine

By Dr. Giselle Chamberlain DC

Many people have asked why a Chiropractor should check children and infants.  The best time to get your spine checked is during the time of spinal growth and development.  Examinations of the growth patterns of a child’s spine reveal the following:

Age 0-1 year: the fastest spinal growth is in this first year of life, when the average length of growth goes from 24-36 cm.  This is a 50% increase.

Age 1-5 years: the second fastest time period of growth.  The spine lengthens from 36-51cm.  This is a 41% increase.

Age 5-10 years: The rate of growth slows down to a 10 cm change over those 5 years.  This is a 20% increase.

Adolescents: known for their growth spurts.  The average total growth for males is 20 cm (33% increase) and a female is 15 cm (25% increase).

The fastest period of growth is the first year of life, and this is also a time of considerable trauma as children are learning to walk.  This phase of development is also the period when the secondary curves of the spine are forming in the child’s neck and low back.  Therefore it is highly recommended that the child’s first spinal evaluations should be performed during this time.  Beyond the first year, the child needs regular checkups.

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