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Faster recovery from sprains and strains: Here’s how.

The feeling of rolling an ankle is one that nearly everyone is familiar with, as is the sense of frustration that follows, because well, ankle sprains just take a long time to properly heal. R.I.C.E. or rest, ice, compress and elevate has long been the standard procedure to treat sprains, and though it is necessary

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Taking Charge of Your Headaches: A Guide for Pain Management

This article is from the Canadian Chiropractic Association website. //Author: CCA Staff Team You have a headache? You certainly are not alone! Fifty-nine percent of Canadian adults report suffering from some form of headache.1 Headaches can be debilitating, but most often feel like unpleasant discomfort, pain or pressure that can be addressed by manual therapies, relaxation

13 Ways to Turn Spring Cleaning into a Workout

This article is from the Canadian Chiropractic Association website. Author: CCA Staff Team Whenever Spring rolls around, warmer weather and increased sunshine is a big mood booster. It’s also traditionally the time we try to reset our living space and start our annual Spring cleaning routine. It doesn’t have to be a chore, though. Whether

3 Things You Need to Know About TMJ Pain

This article is from the Canadian Chiropractic Association website. Author: CCA Staff Team   TMJ pain: if you’ve suffered from it, you probably already know what it is. If you haven’t, it may require a bit of visualization to make the connection. Some might say TMJ is jaw pain, or something that causes a clicking

7 Practices Great for Your Emotional Health

By Natalie Sager, Certified Holistic Healer, Certified Pilates Instructor The following article is excerpted from one that appeared on pathwaystofamilywellness.org 1. You are what you think Our thoughts consume us. All day. Everyday. We think about our kids, our parents, our friends. We worry about work and finances and accomplishing the days goals. We fear