ART Course

This past weekend Drs. Chamberlain and Rahim attended the Upper Extremity course for Active Release Technique.  Dr. Giselle has now completed 2 of 3 ART courses and is on her way to being Full Body Certified. By adding another level of training, Dr. Giselle can further enhance the effects of the chiropractic adjustment to the patient.  She looks forward to completing her final certification in the upcoming months.

ART is a safe and highly successful technique that, in addition to adjustments, can give many patients the relief and recovery that they need and are looking for.  The upper extremity protocols for ART can help with repetitive stress injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis and golfer’s elbow and swimmer’s shoulder which happen over time.  Acute injuries from lifting or pushing heavy objects can also be addressed with ART, as strained or scarred muscles and tissues can cause a lot of pain, and can also entrap the many nerves in the shoulder and arm.

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