Active Release Technique

The Labour Day weekend marked the end of the summer and beginning of the school and Fall season.  During this time, both Dr. Chamberlain and Dr. Rahim attended the Active Release Technique (ART) seminar here in Vancouver.


This was the first of 3 ART seminars for Dr. Chamberlain and she is now certified in Spine protocols.  She will complete the Upper Extremity and Lower Extremity protocols over the next 9 months.  In the last few weeks since her certification, she has already seen some impressive results with resolving both acute and chronic pain conditions in her patients by using both ART and giving adjustments.


Dr. Rahim had the opportunity to complete the Master’s ART course With Dr. Michael Leahy, founder of ART. Dr. Shamira spent four and a half hours with seven other colleagues and the founder of ART, learning further skills and new protocols to help patients with chronic pain and repetitive injuries.  New protocols include further success in resolving rotator cuff injuries/conditions and whiplash related symptoms.


These injuries, among many others, can be seen not only in adults and our elderly population, but also in our athletic teens and children who participate in repetitive activities. With the use of ART, Drs. Rahim and Chamberlain have additional tools to help resolve many chronic and acute injuries and conditions.  In addition, adding supplementation of calcium/magnesium, vitamin D, and vitamin C can also enhance healthy tissue.


ART is a safe and highly successful technique that, in addition to adjustments, can give many patients the relief and recovery that they need and are looking for.

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