3 Ways Strengthening Your Core Can Help Your Back

The following article is from the Canadian Chiropractic Association website. Author: CCA Staff Team

It’s just a simple thing…until it isn’t.

Strengthening your core plays a much more important role than just getting that six-pack. Approximately 85% of Canadians can expect to experience low back pain at some point in their life.1 A large part of this is due to weak core muscles.2

Did you know that the “core” is often described as a box, consisting of a complex series of muscles, which include everything from below the chest to the waist?3 These muscles work together like a belt to support the low back.

Here are three ways improving the strength of your core can help support your back.

Three things are needed to define a fear-avoidant behaviour2:

  1. It helps reduce pain: Studies have shown that core stability exercises are more effective in reducing pain and disability compared to no treatment, regular medical treatment, education, or general exercise in individuals with low back pain.2
  2. It helps increase stability: Spinal stability depends on three systems: the passive (bone and ligaments), the active (tendons and muscles), and the neural (brain and spinal cord).3 Individuals with low back pain have are less likely to activate their core muscles, which leads to decreased strength in their core.5 Strengthening core exercises can improve spinal stability, which can ultimately reduce low back pain.
  3. It helps improve posture: Weak core muscles are a major contributor to that slouching. Good posture is important to decrease the strain on your spine. Recent research has shown that training your core muscles have a positive effect on posture.6

Check out our blog for some core exercises that can support your lower back. If you have any questions, visit your local chiropractor.

Pain changes everything. Chiropractic care changes pain.



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evolvevitality3 Ways Strengthening Your Core Can Help Your Back

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