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evolve Nurturing Vitality is a dedicated healthcare team in Kitsilano, Vancouver – providing quality chiropractic, massage and naturopathic care that nurtures, empowers and educates in health and wellness.

evolve Nurturing Vitality is what we all do over time…

We are your support team as you evolve providing options for restorative and continuing health using natural therapies through the use of chiropractor and naturopath services. We work together to help get you back to work, enhance your sporting performance, heal stress or sports-related injuries and build a healthy future, and better quality of life.


  • The practitioners at evolve Nurturing Vitality provide a holistic approach to treatment that really works for me. The combination of treatment, encouragement, and moral support give me both the tools and the motivation to work towards healing.

  • I think Shamira's chiropractic skills are amazing and she is very intuitive when she treats....she comes across like a natural.  She is very responsive during acute cases when we need her and goes the extra mile with caring for her patients.  The results of her treatments are fantastic.  My toddler son looks forward to seeing her each time I tell him about an upcoming visit with her.  I fully trust her with treating my son. She also runs the most well organized office that I've ever been in.

  • Tessa is also fabulous with her massages.   Tessa's the best I've had and that says a lot as I have been fortunate to have encountered many talented massage therapists before Tessa. The results I feel afterwards are remarkable.   For my Xmas gift, my hubby offered to treat me to the spa but I said "no I'd rather just save the money and use it to see Tessa for an extra long massage".

The evolve Nurturing Vitality Team

We are a dedicated healthcare team of Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and a Naturopathic Doctor who will guide you toward optimal health while encouraging you to become an active participant in your health care, making decisions about treatments and lifestyle changes that are right for you.

We provide you with options for restorative and continuing health using natural therapies, such as; Chiropractic, Naturopathic and Acupuncture. We work together to help you get back to work, enhance your sporting performance, heal stress and injuries, resolve various health issues including gynecological, dermatological and gastroenterological, and build a healthy lifestyle.

Dr. Shamira Rahim vancouver chiropractor

Dr. Shamira Rahim Chiropractor | BSc, DC, CACCP, ART Cert.

Dr. Giselle Chamberlain vancouver chiropractor

Dr. Giselle Chamberlain Chiropractor | BSc, DC, CACCP, ART Cert.


Dr. Kelsey Horsting Chiropractor | B.Sc., DC, ART Cert.

Christine white

Dr. Christine White Chiropractor | BHK, DC

Dr. Bobby Parmar ND vancouver naturopath

Dr. Bobby Parmar Naturopath | BASc., ND


Nancy Na Registered Massage Therapist

We grow physically, intellectually and spiritually. We go through stages of concern for our wellbeing, and of good health and ill health. We grow, we age, we ail, and we can heal.

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